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Joel Bessire is an authorized IRS Acceptance Agent.  An acceptance agent is a person who is authorized to assist alien individuals and other foreign persons (who are ineligible to receive a Social Security number) in obtaining an ITIN or EIN from the IRS.

To obtain a Taxpayer ID Number (TIN) an individual must provide the following documentation:
  • An Original Passport or notarized certified copy of Passport


  • Two or More of the Following Documents
    • U.S. Drivers License
    • Civil Birth Certificate
    • Foreign Drivers License
    • U.S. State Identification Card
    • Foreign Voter Registration Card
    • U.S. or Foreign Military Identification Card
    • Visa issued by the U.S.
    • U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) photo ID

In the majority of circumstances, the ITIN is applied for when filing a completed federal tax return.


Contact Joel Bessire for any questions (940) 320-6838